An analysis of the experiment on naphthalenes freezing point

The density of cyclohexane is 0. Road salting takes advantage of this effect to lower the freezing point of the ice it is placed on.

The supernatant was discarded and crystals were taken out of the Craig tube and put onto filter paper using a small spatula. Such creatures have evolved means through which they can produce high concentration of various compounds such as sorbitol and glycerol.

Use the whole page, and make sure the scales stretch only to include your numbers. Return the test tube with the thermometer to the hot water bath. After the acetanilide dissolved, the Erlenmeyer flask was removed from the heat and 25 mL of cold water and about 2. Above the liquidus curve both components 1 and 2 are in liquid phase and both components are soluble in one another.

Recrystallization and Melting Point Determination. The crystals will then be collected using vacuum filtration and a Buchner funnel. Find freezing point of pure cyclohexane.

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The melting point of pure components was found to be 78oC and 70oC for naphthalene and biphenyl respectively. To determine the identity of the unknown, the two known compounds with similar melting points will be obtained and be made into mixtures of equal amounts of unknown and known compound.

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Freezing-point depression is used by some organisms that live in extreme cold.

Melting and freezing stearic acid

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Deviation is attributed to changes in pressure levels during the experiment and errors due to experimental procedure during weighing and melting. Table of results Test Mass of Mass Number Numbe Mole Eutectic Freezin tub naphthale of of moles r of fraction of temperatu g point e ne g biphen of moles naphthale re oC oC No yl g naphthale of ne ne biphen yl 1 0.

Of that sample, 0. In the case of the peeper frog, freezing temperatures trigger a large-scale breakdown of glycogen in the frog's liver and subsequent release of massive amounts of glucose into the blood. The last part of the experiment is the recrystallization of trans-1,2-dibenzoylethylene.

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How does the freezing temperature of naphthalene (moth ball flakes), compare to its melting temperature? Tell if the kinetic energy of the naphthalene (moth ball flakes), in the test tube increases, decreases, or remains the same in each of these time segments during the experiment.

Similar Questions. Chemistry Benzene (C6H6) has a normal freezing point of oC and a density of g/mL. When g of naphthalene (C10H8) is dissolved in mL of benzene, the freezing point of the solution is oC.

Freezing Point Depression.

Recrystallization and Melting Point Determination Lab

Molecular Mass is a parameter, which is useful in determining the identity of an unknown compound. One technique to determine the molecular mass of an unknown is to measure the effect the compound has on the freezing point of a solvent in which the unknown is dissolved.

liquid phase diagram (i.e., temperature as a function of the mole fraction of naphthalene). Runs will constitute one “limb”, and runs will make up the other. 4. The results were used to find the results of the freezing point of each sample. In part 3 we added g of naphthalene and a mass of unknown g and repeated the steps from part 1.

From the data we found the molar mass of the unknown.

An analysis of the experiment on naphthalenes freezing point
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